sushi in ginza

sushi, originally uploaded by renfield.

Went to Ginza with Hiroko to do some random shopping. Ended up buying an absolutely killer summer kimono and a pair of geta. Also got widely assaulted by old women. At the geta/shoe area Old Woman Mrs. Chiba decided exactly what I should by; my opinion was irrelevant.
Then, at the antique fair on the top floor of Matsuya Department Store (right after a fairly burly earthquake that made me feel sorry for the dude selling all that antique glass) I was surrounded and attacaked by no less than five Old Women. One demanded I remove my jeans whilst another wrapped my in a kimono and tied the belt so tight I couldn't feel my legs. In the end they wouldn't let me leave until I dropped the cash for the kimono, but it's all good because that kind of kimono is so rare, and to find an antique in my size simply doesn't happen.
After shopping we lined up at Midori Sushi under the train tracks and stuffed ourselves on good, cheap sushi and then took the bus home. Good thing, too, because many of the trains and subways were still stopped.

Hiroko wrote about this very same day in her blog, too!

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