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brunch @ cravings, originally uploaded by renfield.

Was supposed to meet up with The Buena Vista so that I could try and hook him up with Miri (full disclosure: it's her mom that's desparate, not Miri herself!) but he pulled an all-nighter partying. So, I swing'd by the Plant to get some pre-brunch fixins and headed over to Miri's.
Miri herself was having a bit of a late start, so I drank some iced coffee and waited for the air conditioner to kick into high gear. Did the standard sit/chat/stare at the grill until it was obvious that the Buena Vista was a no-show, and then Hiroko called and said she'd be along shortly, so I waited patiently before digging into my SuperSize scrambled eggs with all the trimmings.
Risa, her husband, and her dogs, kicked it at the outside tables, and then SkyCorp Penthouser drives by on his motorcycle, so I wave him in and he gives in to a brunch feast as well.
Managed to spend several hours talking smack and drinking coffee and harassing Miri about hooking up a wireless internet connection, so that I could really REALLY spend all day hanging out and being productive.

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Ren said...

That's because she actually knows how to make scrambled eggs, as opposed to the culinary travesty I was subjected to as a child.