no cavities

Just back from Suzuki Dental aka The Best Dentist Ever. The result: No cavities, though my gums continue to be a bit receded. And the enamel on my teeth is ground down nicely, though better than it was before as I wisely heeded the advice to cut out carbonated bevvies and use a soft-bristled toothbrush and considerably less force when brushing.
Also, wearing the iPod at reasonably loud volume is way more pleasant than sans-music cleaning, but it still can't block out that heinous high-pitched dolphin whistle of the hydraultrasonic scraper-cleaner that gives me goosebumps every time it fires up. Every time that thing hits a wee sensitive spot between tooth and gum it feels like a redhot needle in the root of my tooth and it just so unpleasant. But it's worth it twice a year to never, ever get a cavity drilled and filled. And to run my tongue along my teeth and feel every little space between them, sans tooth gunk and grime.

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