jessica mae stover

jessica mae stover, originally uploaded by renfield.

JSto is totally a big, famous Hollywood star. And she totally likes me. And by totally I mean as in this much. Check out the personalized message:

Dear Ren,
Thank you for your undying fandomness. As long as you stay in Tokyo, you're cool. However, my lawyer requires that I remind you that it is against CA state law for you to come within 50ft of me, my place of residence, or my car. (True story.)
And on the little note she wrote "Thanks for your help and support. When I take over the world, you shall not be forgotten."
I am totally the Snape to her Voldemort.

Oh yeah and she has really cute, bubbly, girly handwriting; she dots her i's with hearts and smileys and draws unicorns instead of exclamation marks. But she will totally kick your ass if you cross her. And she has a posse.

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