home cookin'

Synth came over for his first home cooked meal in a while. Hiroko whipped up rice, fish, veggies; your basic Japanese food, warm and delicious.
We sat on the warm electric carpet and ate and went through a wee bit of one of Hiroko's sake bottles and spent a couple of hours talking smack and life.
I keep trying to get Synth to write a blog, because his life is marginally interesting and he does marginally interesting things like teach at Todai and hang out with The Man and what not. But being a fiction writer already I guess he can't scrape together the effort to actually write a marginally interesting blog. He's too busy figuring out how to end up in a bungalo in Venice Beach, CA.

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Anonymous said...

Hey from Chicago,

The Steppenwolf Theater is currently doing a play based on Haruki Murakami's book "After the Quake". It was adapted and directed by the Northwestern University professor Frank Galati. It is a fine, fine piece of work. It runs until sometime in February.