cutting, cutter, cut

A massive turnout for cutting, as from now on everyone who wants to test has to do at least one cut before they are allowed to test for promotion.
I took over the AM class before cutting and had the five students do their cutting then. Which was a smart move, because for the PM cutting session 20 people showed up.
After cutting Elvis and I went down to Hataya-sensei's shop in Machida. I dropped of my cutter so that it could get re-registered, and Elvis bought a really slick new cutter for his self. I also picked up a cool pair of Daruma menuki that had been calling to me. Not sure what I'll do with them though; maybe mount them on my cutter.
Brought Elvis home and fed him, since Hiroko hit the Bento Festival and bought a bunch of special bento boxes. So we feasted and then it was late so we threw Elvis in the loft instead of sending his sorry ass home.

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