pen surgery

pen surgery, originally uploaded by renfield.

Bought this very cool four color pen from Muji. It's cool because it has black, red, blue and the fourth color is not the standard green by a nice highlighty orange. However, this pen suffers from the all-c0lors-in-one-cartridge printer syndrome -- I use the black the most, and so of course it ran out first. Instead of tossing the whole pen and buying a new one, I attacked it with my fingers, a folding pocket knife, and Gucchan The Brilliant who sits next to me at work.

The pen cap (non-writing end) was a red herring; it came off, but didn't give access to the pen innards we needed to swap. After much prodding, twisting, prodding, and praying, we finally just unscrewed the writing end, grabbed the black ink, and yanked it out.

We didn't figure out how the pen was assembled in the first place, but I immediately sacrified a black-only pen, cut the ink stalk down to size, and jammed it back in.

Works like a charm!

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