la day two

Slept in until 9ish, had some breakfast with Gosoke and checked email until Tony came by and took us to the hotel. We checked in and got settled, then went to Senpokan again this time for promotion testing. Everyone looked really solid, though it's the finer details that they need work on; the non-cutting bits like bowing and other formalities were quite sloppy. However, seven people tested for 3dan and they all cut from the draw. They looked really, really tight and Gosoke was intensely proud because it was obvious everyone worked really hard practicing on their own since Gosoke had seen them last.
After the test we did the kumitachi again and then Ted presented Gosoke with his Howard Clark swords. Finally we headed out for Mexican food. Everyone was there including Hataya-sensei, and Hata-chan even flew in from LA. Good food was had by all before retiring to the hotel.

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