sword weekend

Spent all day in the dojo on Saturday -- huge cutting session. Special Agent RB joined from the Southland in the PM and showed us how it was done properly. I think we put away nearly 100 mats. Next time I am sticking to the 10 person limit; give everyone more mats and still takes less time.
Sunday I taught a beginner's seminar in the afternoon -- small turnout and it was damn hot -- and then finished up the kumitachi class at honbu. Lots of people dancing pretty with sticks, not enough fear and danger. As Gosoke says "Get clobbered in the head a couple times if you really wanna learn. Besides, if you get hit it's your own fault!"

And in an unrelated note, what exactly the hell is wrong with razors? P went to 3 different drug stores to try and find Gillette blades that would fit my razor. I ended up by Mach2 Sensor blades or something, but every time they add another blade (or lotion strip, or battery vibe or whatever) they change the razor so that new heads don't fit on old razors. I am sick of this scam. I'm going to drop big money on a really good wet/dry electric shaver, and then get a proper barber shop shave, with a straight razor, a couple times a month anyway.

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Fluffy said...

A-men about getting clobbered every now and then. After doing some aiki-ken with the kenshusei last weekend my hands were numb... The true sign of progress!