gifts for tonchan!

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Tonchan is just scoring big time! From all her friends at work and across Japan and the US, and all her family, she got tons of flowers, a bunch of toys, new clothes, towels, stuffed friends, and this cool stocking from Aunt Linda!
She also really, really doesn't like coming out of the bath and being cold. She cries and screams and is generally pissed off with me for a good hour, until I wrap her up and make her warm and let her suck/chew on my finger for a while...but what really makes her happy is when mom comes and feeds her. Meanwhile I have been soaked and nearly pooped on from bathtime. Just think, in a few short years this bundle of screaming joy will be exclaiming "I don't want you I want MOM!"
Ah, fatherhood. 10 days down...24 years to go...

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