demos and seminars

Landed two days ago about noon, checked into the hotel and tried to stay awake until evening.
Full day of teaching yesterday, and testing in the afternoon. Everyone did well and passed. Gosoke was quite happy.
More seminars today and I picked up my Howard Clark blade that I bought last year and had polished and mounted by Keith. It is indeed a light saber; wicked light and fast, and being made out of L6 it ain't ever gonna set a bend. Photos pending so stay tuned.
After a late lunch we had the enbu in the evening -- all the sensei doing their thing. Yamada-sensei and Gosoke went last and did some jo and some of the advanced wakizashi. Then we all piled into the restaurant for some dinner, bad jokes, and off-color stories.
Need some sleep now as tomorrow we start at 9am sharp. I'm signed up to compete in a bunch of events and sadly cannot use my sword as an excuse if I miss my cuts!

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