found the leak

found the leak
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There is an overflow tank underneath the bathtub, in case anything starts leaking. Well, the overflow tank (which holds several hundred liters) overflowed, thus the wet carpet. The water also leaked out into the other two rooms, soaking the tatami floor and parts of the closets.

They have now ripped out all the carpet, removed all the tatami, cut a whole under the sink and smashed a hole in the bathroom, drained out all the water, and set fans and dehumidifiers all over the apartment.

They now have to call in the marble specialist to remove the entire bathroom wall, pull out the bathtub itself, completely drain the overflow tank, remove and replace all the piping, and rebuild the apartment.

Suffice to say that for the time being we are living in a furnished apartment conveniently located between the Tokyo American Club, the USA Embassy and the Russian Embassy, in a lovely 3 bedroom in a tower from the seventies call The Mansions.

So not sure if I'll be making it to the retreat at all this year...


Auntie Em said...

All I can say is 'Oy Vey'. Look on the bright side, you'll have a 'new' apt when it gets fixed!

Myron said...

The only good thing is that you don't OWN the apartment and have to pay for the repairs!

Comisserating Papa

Myron said...

Oops! Commiserating.

Anonymous said...

"soaking the tatami floor"

Did you roll 'em up and go to town?