my daughter the awesome. and fast.

As is often the case, had to bribe the kids with gum (xylitol! from the dentist!) to get them out the door on time to get to school.
Halfway down the street, son is jumping and bouncing and giggling.
And then he stops.
I look back, and he has that trembling lower lip, mouth turning into a frown, eyes watering, about to explode into hysterics.
I have no. idea. what. is. going. on.
By the time I trace his gaze down to the street slightly behind him, and identify the blob on the ground as the gum that used to be in his mouth, my daughter has pulled her gum out of her own mouth, and just as he is opening his gaping maw to start bawling, she pops her gum into his mouth.
It hits his tongue, his lips close, corners of his mouth turn up into a smile, and they are both on their way, holding hands.
Leaving me standing there, staring down at his fallen, abandoned gum.
They both look back at me with that hurry-up-catch-up look on their faces and then go running off.
Elapsed time: 3 seconds.

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Myron said...

Life is like that. Pragmatic. And random.