successful weekend

First, on Saturday, after making a careful sock selection, we headed over to Tokyo Station. Took a bit of a wander around the Marunouchi area (nice, not crowded!) before getting on the open-roof double-decker bus.
Nothing new, but driving under Tokyo Tokyo, across the Rainbow Bridge, and through Ginza in the brilliant weather was actually really cool. Only took and hour, and Mokun zonked right out after the first 20 minutes.
Carried him out and headed to Marubiru for some sushi lunch. He woke up just as we finished, so we took the subway to Ginza and bought Ton a new backpack (purple! Fjallraven!) then hit the old stand-by Ibaraki Cafe for some familiar snacks and treats.
Then we walked back to Shinbashi Station, with a stop at the Lindt shop for some chocolate before getting the bus home for dinner.
Then, on Sunday we got soba for lunch in Azabu-jyuban before taking the subway up to Yoyogi Park. We rented a bicycle (pink hello kitty!) and in about an hour Tonchan was riding on her own. Big Mo was napping and when he woke up he got his own bike (with training wheels) and did a lap before riding on my shoulders as I jogged along with Ton on her victory lap.
Vids #1, #2, #3.
We stumbled through the crazy crowds in the park and finally got some killer gelato in Harajuku, then checked out the awesome outdoor deck at Starbucks in the newly opened Tokyu Plaza. After taking the subway to Shibuya we loaded up on sashimi and gyoza and Vietnamese food for dinner and took a taxi home to eat.
And then this morning we all woke up early to check out the eclipse!


Myron said...

Much coolness!

Mama said...

The tradition of watching eclipses continues...!