goodbye, hello

goodbye, hello
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Every now and then, my starbucks receipt has a URL and a secret code number. Going to the URL and entering the secret code number leads to a simple customer survey, easily completed in minutes. The result of the survey is yet another secret code, this one good for ONE FREE ANYTHING BEVERAGE.
My Jewish mom taught me well; anything free needs to be maximized to the full extent possible, specifically regarding food.
So I have inhaled this artery-clogging behemoth: venti soy chocolate chip macha cream frappuccino, with whipped cream. Six hundred and eighty calories.
And with that, I say good-bye.

I have done a number of healthy endeavors these past couple of years; started with Peak Condition Project, then Kung Fu Body, Six Week Chisel, and recently a Repeak.

For the past few months I've played around with various other healthy fads and schemes: Intermittent Fasting and LeanGains, weight training for strength, MMA, running...

But I am basically lazy and like being told what to do, so I have embarked upon a new adventure.
For the next 12 weeks, I am going to get ripped.
The premise is quite simple:

  • Lift heavy weights three times a week
    • Squat
    • Deadlift
    • Overhead Press
    • Row
  • Eat for 8 hours, fast for 16
    • Sleeping counts, since I'm not eating!
  • Eat appropriate macros (carbs, protein, fat)
    • Cycle carbs
    • Lots of protein
    • Lots of green veggies
    • Whatever else that fits in my macros

So: good-bye nasty giant frappuccino; there is no room in my macros for you. Hello spinach, chicken, shrimp, and spinach. You have all been good friends, and will continue to be.
Hello rice, it's been a while but you can forgive me.
Hello occasional chocolate, too. Our love-hate relationship will get better. You are still awesome, but only in moderation.

Though I will be tracking all kinds of nifty numerical metrics to gauge progress, I don't have any specific target numbers in mind. Instead, the trends I want to see are:

  • Lifts: heavier weight, or at least no decline in strength since am 'cutting' to lose fat and hopefully will not lose too much muscle
  • Waist: smaller
  • Body-fat percentage: no clue, as I don't have a good way to measure anyway
  • Weight: could not fucking care less; likely to go up as fat is replaced by more dense muscle
  • More abdominal vascularity
  • Height: + 10cm at least

I will start blogging all my food again, for those who missed that old habit of mine.
Will also keep tracking my workouts on, if you care.

As you must realize by now, the real point of publicly blogging about this is to force accountability on myself. If I wimp out days or weeks into it, I face potential Scorn On Teh Intertubes, a fate my fragile ego is unlikely to handle well.
Your support (and humiliation when I weaken) is much appreciated.


Myron said...

Good luck with the height goal!

Mama said...

I like your attitude!
If you wear regular shoes instead of barefoot you will be a little taller!

Kurisu said...

I think if you focus on heavy reps for your heels and arches you may be able to bulk up the bottom of each foot to be 2 inch platform feet.

That's going to be attractive!