Whilst the rest of the world (er, baseball fans in Tokyo) are watching the World Baseball...Challenge? (not sure what the C in WBC stands for, and don't care enough to look it up), Kuroda-gumi spent the weekend prepping for The Move.
We signed the rental contract for the new place on Saturday morning, went off to Midtown to play with a friend from pre-school, and then in the evening jiji and baba arrived driving the Alphard.
We spent all Sunday morning packing ridiculous volumes of stuff into the Alphard, including a number of chairs, amp and speakers, countless cloth items, a bunch of summer toys for the kids (kiddie pool, etc.) and who-knows-what-else-just-get-it-outta-my-house.
I have also now sold just about everything else on Yahoo! auctions (eBay got destroyed years ago when they tried to come to Japan and bidders.com just recently gave up, so it's all Yahoo! these days) so there isn't much left.
We are doing an impressive job of massively downsizing the amount of stuff we need to live comfortably, moving into an apartment 1/3 the size of our current place, but in a brand new building and sporting all the modern amenities including: double-paned glass! computer-controlled bath tub! heated floors!
Still need to go buy a microwave oven and a washer-dryer, so will do that tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on how Mokun feels. He got a bit of a fever this weekend; a bit too much excitement and playing out in the cold wind perhaps.
Packing on Wednesday, moving on Thursday!
Gotta love building names in Japan: bye-bye Noah's Ark, hello Ele Sereno!

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