yeah tsa

Sea-Tac airport, Seattle, WA.
HUGE line to get through security. Helpful TSA agents tell us to go to the other security gates as it is less crowded. Like lemmings, we obey and trudge to the other end of the terminal.
Huge lines, like Disneyland, minus the fun ride and friendly service at the end.
Partly through the snaking back-and-forth, a TSA agent hands us each a piece of paper stamped with the current time. "This is to help us measure how much time you spend in line."
Wow, this might actually be helpful; the TSA acknowledging that we spend way too much time lined up (the fact that it is to participate in ludicrous security theatre is a separate issue altogether.)
First security check: boarding pass and photo id. Agent scribbles something on the piece of paper and tell us that it will be collected at the end.
More lines, shoes off, jackets off, pockets emptied, laptop out, bins on conveyor belt, metal detector, collect stuff, refill pockets, repack backpack, shoes on, finally clear customs...still have my piece of paper.
Three (3!) agents standing around chatting, so asked one of them what we are supposed to do with our pieces of paper. "Oh, they were supposed to collect those at the podium." Collects paper, now completely useless because the whole point is to gauge the amount of time spent going through the security check, which requires measuring the difference between a known start time and a known end time.
Well played TSA. My faith in your ability continues to run blindly into the fog of night and plunge off cliffs of hopeless despair.
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