park with kento

After a lunch in Roppongi with Cheapy Mama, went to the awesome Kogai Park for a play date with Kento.
Kento used to go to school with Mo, but moved to a local school a few months ago, so Mo was really happy to see his little bro! And Kento followed around the Big Man all day, doing everything Mo was doing. Kento has gotten so big, and he talks so much now!
Mo hooked him up with some spiderman slippers that didn't fit, and gave him an old excavator bucket-shovel car that Kento loved.
They took Mo's remote-control monster truck and drove it down the slide a million times, ran around the park causing mayhem, and generally had a great time.

After saying bye to Kento, we cruised up to Roppongi Hills, hit the Doraemon for some video games, then played at the Lego store for a while before heading home for dinner. Mo was dead in the stroller on the way home.
Made gyoza for dinner and watched TV before going to bed pretty late. Long day.

Best part was that we were out all day and Mo had not one accident -- went to the toilet several times and didn't wet his pants once. Awesome job, buddy! It's the little things that make a parent proud.

Thanks again Kento, let's play again soon!

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