Hana Matsuri

So P is getting a cold so we got burittos for lunch, boy playing in the bathroom for 20 minutes until he finally poops his pants. Change into spares, weather was looking sketchy, started to rain, but looked like it would clear up. 1pm, got the kids changed into kimono, immediately the whining started. Don't wanna wear kimono, I'm cold, don't want a diaper, the hat hurts, the make up is itchy... 2 hours to kill before the parade starts, so Honolulu coffee to get outta the cold. Bored kids, here play with my phone, kids manage to crash mom's iPhone. Still bored. Now hungry, get sandwiches, too hot! Raining, sunny, raining again, have to pee! Kimono battle in the toilet, grumpy, sleepy... And he passes out just as the parade starts. 
Mom and sister head over, shortened parade route, just once around the corner then to the center to wash Buddha and get some chants. 
Boy wakes up, wants to go, doesn't want to wear the hat, sandles hurt his feet... Done, back to change, peed his pants in his sleep (but I pulled a diaper on him when he was asleep, over his underwear) so his underwear is wet and his spare is used, so diaper only. Not happy, hitting dad, dad's outta patience, let's boy get dressed himself. Boy. Not. Happy. Dad. Not. Happy. 
Leave boy with mom, go home and watch Frozen. Make past for dinner, bath and TV and bed. Epic. 

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Myron said...

This is what marketing people call a DILO (day in the life of). Well written. Well lived. My understanding is that grandchildren never behave this way when with their grandparents.