Fun-filled weekend:
Went to iai on Friday and as Kubota-sensei wasn't there Tanaka-sensei and Sanno-san showed up. Yet another hot and sweaty practice.
On Saturday Hiroko was off doing girlie things so I sat around and watched Orange County, which Nate lent to me last week. Then I wandered around Shibuya and decided to finally go see SW2. Whilst sitting on the street before the movie, trying not to move in the oppressive heat and humidity, Kev and Z walked by. It was Z's birthday and they were on their way to get some curry for lunch. So I joined them for a quick lassi and then went to catch the movie. I was pleasantly surprised: this movie was better than didn't suck, it was actually a good movie. Corny and played at times, yes, but a good movie nonetheless. Finished up the evening with a quick dinner at good old Lucky, and then back home.
Sunday Hiroko and I spent some quality time shopping in Shinjuku and ended up buying her a new yukata and all the trimmings. I got a nice junbei and new obi, too. All in preparation for my 30th birthday party next week.

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