first practice

First class of 2005. I came early because Nakayama-san wanted to practice kumitaci. I haven't done them in a while, but after an hour I got back into the groove. Was interesting to try and explain to someone else the things I've already struggled through and sort of figured out. Always a great learning experience to teach.
At 7 class started, and we did the really basic basics, like how to sit in seiza and how to stand up. Thing I've been focusing on lately is centerlines. Try to keep my pitch and yaw level when moving. Much much harder than you think. Try this: stand in front of a mirror, relaxed, feet together. Now take a step with your left foot. Watch how far to the left your head and whole body move. You transfer all your weight to your right foot, pick up your left leg, lean your body over to the left, and swing your foot out. Centerline is a mess. Do that while drawing your sword and your right arm gets cut off.
It's a wonderful ego-boost to teach a class full of beginners who are no where near my level...they must feel how I feel when I go to class and get totally flummoxed by Kuroda-sensei or one of his older students.

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