strange dream

Woke up this morning and Hiroko asked me "You dream last night? You were flopping all over the place and I hardly slept." She was not happy, still trying to get over her cold.
And as a matter of fact, I did have a wonderfully wacky dream.
Big lasergun tag fight. I needed a weapon. Was in our house in LA. Go into my brother's bedroom and ask him for a gun. He pulls open the low drawers underneath his closet and takes out a big case. From the case he removes all sorts of weapons; swords and knives, rifles and pistols. He tells me to take what I need. I go through the goods and select a smallish firearm with green lasertag assembly. The cop on the beach just outside the window (never mind the fact that the bedroom is on the 2nd floor) is trying to look into the window, suspicious of what's going on inside the room. He is on the enemy team. I hastily grab my weapon, throw everything else back in the case, and shove the case back into the drawer, closing it under the closet. The alarm signals the start of the game...and it's my alarm clock waking me up.
Rudimentary dream analysis: the swords imagery must come from the fact that I went to pratice for this first time in a year, and also saw lots of cool swords on new year's. The green lasers are from all the silly news stories about terrorists using lasers to try and crash planes by blinding pilots. And that's about as much psychoanalysis as I am cabable of.

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