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Woke up early but couldn't motivate out of the futon for a pre-brekkie bath, so I just slobbed around until breakfast. Huge "viking" all-you-can-eat buffet at which much stuffing-of-self was done, and then a lovely bathing. Headed back to the gym and finished with a couple of hours teaching the advanced group. We did all kinds of questionably useful exercises trying to understand how all the muscles and parts work to move as efficiently and powerfully as possible, and tried to to it into the basics and a few kata. Don't know how useful it all is, but the general idea is to think about how you move; what parts do what.

At noon I headed back to the station, jumped on a local, upgraded to a reserved seat on the shinkansen, and made it back to Tokyo by 3:30. Hiroko came back from shopping at Shinjuku wearing the kimono she bought yesterday and with some cool pottery by a potter whose stuff we've bought before.

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