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Ah, the joy of nationalized healthcare in Japan. For a couple of days every year, the large multipurpose meeting room upstairs is, with a few simple curtains and an army of white-coated nurses, turned into a full-bore medical clinic.
I arrived slightly before noon, dropped off my urine sample, completed the questionairre about my health (no I do not "Feel the pain in chest, when swallow it", nor die I "have irregular bowels, or bloods in stool") and got in line. Getting weighed whilst fully clothed is always amusing, even better when I seem to have gained both a kilo in weight and half a centimeter in height. Still growing!
Blood pressure was better: 135/82 -- still a bit high, but it's coming down nicely thank you.
Eyes okay, three vials of blood let's-do-that-lying-down-thanks, chest xray, EKG, quick chat with the doctor ("Lose a couple more kilos, keep excersising, you're fine."), hearing ok, and we're done!

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