wireless and sittin'

Headed to The Eng's in the AM to setup his wireless network. I was impressed with his ability to answer the door 2 hours before noon. He is strong when necessary, a fine upstanding gent.
So the wireless was easy, and the Yahoo! DSL seemed fine, then weak, then dropped completely...wtf?!
After much hair-pulling it was decided that the new home alarm system the building owner insisted he have installed was screwing up the phone line. So armed with my trusty screwdriver I proceeded to pry off the cover to the alarm, disconnect the phone line uplink, cut the power, disconnect the backup battery, and restore the phone line to its pristine state.
I also plugged the DSL modem and wireless into the phonejack in the bedroom, and amazingly enough it worked.
After that mad success, The Eng gave me a ride in his 43o Spider to Hiroo Station wherein I encountered a large group of large (ever seen small?) marines obviously confused. They were trying to get to Iidabashi, so I took them halfway and pointed them in the right direction as I continued on to Hongo 3-chome to do some sittin'.
And I sat.
And we had some snacks and bevvies as we usually do after sittin', then I bought a bunch of quality fish and dinner foods at FoodShow in Shibuya before bussin' home.

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