baby stuff and bag

P and I went to Akachan Honpo (kinda like a Japanese Kids 'R Us) and loaded up on kids stuff: crib and all the fixings, bottles and feeding stuff, high chair, blankets, etc. DAMN this parenting is expensive, and this is before the kid is even born and after we got all the other stuff from everyone. I think I'll name my daughter "Money Pit".
After the kid shopping we braved the raining? weather and challenged Shibuya on a Sunday afternoon. Many umbrellas and packed as expected. We headed for Seibu Department Store so that I could finally get a decent replacement for the ratty old REI backpack I've been using for 10 years.
Checked out the cool Paul Smith bags but finally settled on the Tumi Tech Flow messenger bag. It has all kindsa cool pocketness and is expandable. I really liked the Sando messenger bag but it's too narrow for carrying dojo stuff.

To avoid the rain we headed into subterranean Tokyo, bought a bunch of dinner food at FoodShow, and bussed home.


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