akiba economics

Took my old and busted iPod (well ok not busted per se, but certainly old as it was bought used, and the battery doesn't hold a charge any more) and sold it at Softmap. Didn't realize that on the 5th, 15th, and 25th of the month they do a special points campaign, so it being Sunday the 15th the used buyback counter was packed. Had to wait four hours, so I wandered to the cool t-shirt shop and back alleys, discovered a couple new robot parts and LED shops, ate some crappy rotator sushi, and watched some digital entertainment at Tower Records before picking up my points.
I then crossed the street to the Softmap Mac store and picked up a brand new 80 gig black video iPod for: zero cash. I had over 45,000 points stored up so I used them all.

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