san francisco

First things first: ANA is most awesome. Electronic biz class seats that go nearly full flat. Power plug that looks like a regular outlet (no special adapter needed). Brilliant food. Wonderful service. Personal entertainment system with tons of movies. Noise cancelling headphones. Blanket like a sleeping bag.
Silliness: my suitcase checked by the very thorough agents in San Francisco airport, looking for drugs. Drugs?! What kind of a moron smuggles drugs from Tokyo to the USA? Tokyo, whose draconian drug laws are second only to maybe Thailand?
More silliness: the anti-liquid rule. The "no congregrating" announcement by the pilot. The full set of metal cutlery distributed with every in-flight meal. The bottled water available aplenty in-flight, though don't bring your own.
Really silly: An executive suite at the Four Seasons. Damn.

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