gyoza time

Yuika and Kento and their parents came by for some mad gyoza eating. As always, we made way too many and ate way too much. At some point, Kento decided to attack Tonchan, wrestling style, but her ninja skills were formidable and she beat him back. Yuika suffered some collateral damage via the occasional boot to the head, but in general they all got along.

As Yuika executes a leg hold, Kento begins his attack...

...with a flying kick!

Kento goes for the pin while she's down...

...but Tonchan counters with a left...

...and a one-two combo whilst kneeing Yuika who goes for the double-team!

With Yuika KO'd, BattleTonchan finishes Kento with a left hook to the jaw!

Ultimately, the fight is declared a draw, and all settle down for some milk and a nap.

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