Today, along with everyone else in Tokyo on Golden Week holiday, we checked out Midtown.
Not being built by Mori, it was everything that Roppongi Hills isn't; the layout is simple, office buildings and residence surrounding a central multi-floor mall of shops and restaurants, with a nice park in the back. The courtyard, approaches, and halls are all wide and straight, and even as crowded as it was, getting around was quite simple. Obviously the architects did not intend to purposely confuse the wanderer, forcing them to navigate a labyrinth like Roppongi Hills.
We checked out sweet array of Nissan Skylines, from the first to the latest:
wandered around the garden, and looked at the sweet "real furniture" at the expansive Muji. I am grooving on the shelving unit; it has living room potential...

Since it was too crowded to eat, we walked to (the totally dead and empty) Roppongi Hills and got some munchies, sitting in the shade by the pond, then walked home.
When we got home, we realized we left the digital camera in Midtown!
I took a taxi back to Midtown and asked at the information counter in the main building, right by where we were sitting. The woman I asked knew immediately what I was talking about as she was the one who received the camera when some good semaritan brought it in. Soon I had my camera back in had -- only in Japan can one leave a digital camera sitting outside on a bench and come back to pick it up 5 hours later!

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