mostly almost done!

OK most of the boxes are gone, the phone and security system are hooked up, and the wireless network is in full effect.
P reorganized the kitchen and I did the bathroom drawers. She's now working on the closet as my clothes have been relegated to the other room until she separates winter stuff from summer and gets rid of the will-never-wear bits.
I've the The Smallwood on the job to help me replace the TV with a nice plasma; something in the 37-42 inch range will be fine, and no tuner necessary as I got a cable box, so just a dumb monitor will work.
Last night I discovered what some of The Mystery Switches do. Some, like in the bathroom and kitchen, turn on the floor-level heater to keep one's toes toasty in winter. Others apparently control the night lights, but all of the night lights save the one by the entrance don't seem to work. Perhaps the bulb is burnt, but I can't see how to open it without ripping the whole unit off of the wall, so I emailed the maintenance corp and they're going to send someone out.
Been cold and rainy these past couple of days, so I've cranked on the central heater in every room -- I mean, I'm paying for it anyway right! So bourgeois of me!

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