moved (mostly)

Only three boxes of stuff left to unpack. In sum:
We have too many clothes and magazines, and not enough shelves and closet space.
Plenty of space in the kitchen and everywhere else.
Living room is currently full of empty boxes, and everything is hooked up except for the phone line and security system.
Highlight of the move was the cable guy. He ended up hanging out for over an hour and we set up the whole audio-visual system. Sadly my old TV is so big I have to sit it on the floor as I don't have any furniture burly enough to support its weight. Reckon that means it's time to buy a new (lightweight!) flat-panel TV.


jeremy said...

Can't forget the old school moving tactics...renting a van to dump tons of stuff at an unassuming corner with Mission Impossible music to keep us motivated.

Ren said...

I seem to remember getting in a bit of trouble leaving a bunch of stuff in front of your old apartment; your girlfriend was pretty upset when we came back...but damn did Joel love drivin' the big rental truck!

jeremy said...

I remember having to throw away almost everything I owned in Japan...because I was moving into a shoebox.