Getting absolutely devastated at work. I think I've passed some magical point blimfark; before this point, no one really knew what I do, nor what I should do, so I wasn't really asked to do too much nor involved in too many new things except when obviously necessary. Beyond this point though, everyone expects that I know far more than I actually do (I talk well, or at least alot, which basically gives the same impression of being knowledgeable) and I am therefore asked to do and be involved in many, many things. Also, several truly reliable people are no longer with the firm, so I've taken it upon myself to get up to speed on various nitty-gritty details in areas totally beyond my expertise (which is what, exactly?)
Upside: huge amounts of interesting stuff of which I am key; learning new things regularly, lots of exposure to different senior management.
Downside: 13+ hour days, frequently operating outside my comfort zone, lots of exposure to different senior management.

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