Today was the opening ceremony for Gyokufukai, one of the branch organizations under Suimokai. Held on the 33rd floor of the Kasumigaseki Building downtown, I was asked to demo.
First I started with the standard jinrai:

Link to this video on youtube

And then I did a basic yokoichimonji. I like this next video because I screw up. Actually, I did the cut once (not in the video) but was too far away so didn't cut the target all the way through. And then I got a little peeved, so you can see that I'm not chill and I tense up my shoulder and just biff the second attempt big-time. So finally I take a second to calm down and just do it like we always practice and it went worked.

Link to this video on youtube

Also, I'm using Salty's sword, which is a seriously wonderful piece of steel. 950 grams, perfectly balanced, cuts like a light saber. Thanks Salty!

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Nanseikan said...

I love how you've included a tameshigiri vid of yourself stuffing up. Props to you Ren! A sign of good character and sets you apart from the all the other pos(t)ers of the interweb. It reminds me that I was at the circus today, and a couple of the acts also made mistakes in their routines. The intereting thing was that this didn't effect their credibility for me, but simply gave me a handle on how good they were, and how difficult what they were doing really was: how far outside of normal skill range their skills really are. cheers andd best to you and yours. b (ichibyoshi)