heavy load

Ah, the joys of parenting. For those without children and/or those not interested in stories about baby bowel movements, stop reading now.

So I was just about to get dressed to go to work when I heard a blood-curdling exclamation from P. Fearing the worst, I ran into the bedroom to behold...P holding a smiling Tonchan, attempting to remove Tonchan's clothes to reveal an absolutely overflowing diaper.
I helped pull the clothes off and jammed them in a bucket in the laundry room sink, along with the freshly-stained quilt that Tonchan was lying on. Back in the bathroom I held Tonchan as Hiroko stripped her diaper and hosed her down. Tonchan giggling and having a great time with all the attention.
It seems that if one has a stupendously large bowel movement, and then one rolls around on one's back excitedly, one's diaper is unable to contain the contents and one resembles a pig frollicking in its own feces.
Gotta love babies.

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Anna said...

Hiroko and Ren,
Every child does the heavy load thing. All you can do is carry them gingerly into the bathtub. Wait until they are around 14 months old and decide to smear it on the wall!!!
Give Tonchan a kiss from me.