chicago seminar

Joanna and Keith picked me up and we got some good diner breakfast before heading to the dojo. Good turnout; about 20 people for an all-day seminar. Spent the first hour or so just moving and working on the theory of hips, shoulders, centerline. Then we ran though a bunch of basic exercises, basic cuts, lots of detail on each little movement. There were a couple of total beginners who needed lots of TLC, and in general everyone was doing ok.
Took a lunch break and got a burritto, and then continued on with some kata work. Only did a few kata but got really into each one of them; partnering up and drilling through the distance, timing, targeting. The trick is to really see the imaginary enemy in front of you; visualize how he moves, where he is, what he's doing. Hard when you're just standing there by yourself, but necessary.
After the seminar we went down the street to Jeanne's Chinese Food and I got my fill of American sweet & sour pork, broccolli beef, and bbq spareribs. It must be my upbringing, but nothing beats plain old American Chinese food.

keith, originally uploaded by renfield.

After dinner we went to a cafe in an attempt to stay up a couple more hours so that I could force my system into Chicago Time. Had a damn fine latte and Keith's buddy Little showed some photos from Iraq and promised to take us shooting on the Chicago PD firing range on Tuesday. America's a great country.

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