summit day two

Same tasty breakfast, this time playing with various handheld toys and showing off my Japanese cell phone. Everyone (EVERYONE) has a Blackberry, but come on, is that as good as it gets? So 1999...
Interesting speeches this morning, including the CEO of, and then the panel I moderated on wireless and mobility. Animated panel and engaged crowd, so it was easy.
And then more boarding -- same crappy snow, but it was a good time and I think I actually improved considerably. Makes me wish I had my own board and boots as the rental gear was really crappy.
And then 80 minutes of stretching and massage before dinner down the street at Snake River Lodge's Gamefish. I love having an elk steak right on the edge of the Elk Reserve National Park. But then bubble was burst when I learned that the elk are raised and shipped in from Australia!

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