summit day one

Breakfast at 7am, meeting various CIOs and CEOs. They all seem to know each other, so I'm just keeping a low profile and stuffing my face with sausages, eggs, bagels, and good coffee.
First couple of panels are pretty interesting; IT governance and other trendy CIO topics. This is a tight crowd; they all know each other by first name, and I am easily the younger by near a decade.
But then it's time for the slopes.
Rental equipment sucks, but Brian Hackman is a ripping snowboard pro and takes us on a good tour of the mountain. Snow is unseasonably lame, though. Not much base this year, and no recent snowfall so plenty of rocks on the steeps and no powder. Still, I have a good time connecting turns and don't push too hard so don't end up falling much.
Dinner was downtown at the Snake River Grill -- damn fine eats, including the infamous monster onion rings.

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