more joys of japanese banking

I discovered a long-forgotten bank book and ATM card for my old Asahi Bank account. Last entry in the book said over ¥100,000, so I went down to the main Shibuya branch at lunch. Asahi is now Resona; yellow has been replaced by green, and the old bank uniforms seem to have been replaced by a casual dress policy as all the cashiers appeared to be wearing whatever the hell they wanted.
Standing at the counter in front of a big sign that said
"For Your Safety: In order to protect the important assets of our customers, we will require a valid photo identification for all withdrawal requests. Sorry for the inconveniece."
I produced my ancient ATM card and bankbook, and in a few moments I was told that the remaining balance was, in fact...¥179! So I said I'd like to withdraw the money and close the account. I produced my hanko (seal) and in a few moments the account was emptied and closed, I had a pocketful of change.
And not once was I asked for any form of identification.
(Note: round-trip train fare = ¥380. Subtract ¥179 and I net lost ¥201.)

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