not even close

Shock! Haven't really tried cutting in while, I mean on my own, for my own sake. I tried several half-rolls, slow and deliberate. Total disaster. Then again it is to be expected, for two reasons:
1) I have significantly changed the way I draw and cut. No windup, not overdone follow-through; just straight and clean to the target. Naturally, I'm no good, so it doesn't work.
2) My cutter is just too different than my iai sword. I'm used to draw a sword that's slightly longer, has far more curve, and different balance. Using my cutter is just totally throwing me off. Next month I should get my custom-forged, and I'll use it for both cutting and iai. Of course, it being a totally new sword with a different weight, balance, and size, it will probably take me another 3 months to get used to it.
So this year the theme is 'back to square one', every time I start.

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