okuden naiden

I was the only one in class tonight, so Niina-gosoke ran me through the advanced kata, naiden and okuden. Them is some craziness. Fundamentals are the same, but they've got that some extra that makes them that much more difficult, and interesting.
After class we went to Ninjin (It of the Slippery Floors) and stuffed ourselves on cheap Chinese food. Chili prawns, sweet & sour pork, pot stickers. Miyasawa-kun's new student joined, and Niina-gosoke wanted to eat Tanmen (ramen) but couldn't eat a whole one, so he split it with her, despite her protests. Naturally, she ended up finishing it off, so I immediately gave her the unpleasant nickname "Tanmen-chan." I guarantee it will stick. I have that kinda magic.

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