shinnen keikokai

We had our Official First Practice of the year. Miserably cold, rainy weather. But not cold enough to turn into snow. Nasty stuff, but practice was at Toritsudai; a wonderfully new and warm gym in the Meguro Citizen's Center.
Niina-gosoke ran everyone through basic practice in the morning, and then in the afternoon we broke into groups and I had the upper ranks. We drilled for a couple of hours on various details of the kata. Spent a bit of time pairing folks up to figure out where they're really aiming, what distance is reasonable, and other things that are tough to figure out on one's own.
By the end of the day I was pretty fried and tired, considering I got up at 7 and had to go to Honbu first thing in the morning to get my stuff and then trek all the way across Tokyo.
Yoshida-sensei trained in the morning; since she had her kid in March she's been out, but now that the little grommet's gotten to the point where it can roll about, she's going to start practicing again.
After practice I came home and had some udon with hiroko for dinner. Sunday night basic Japanese dinner is practically a religion in our house.

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